Overview of recertification process
Overview of recertification process | recertification, attendance, recert,

Vinson Dill
Attending ASQ Middle Tennessee Section 1118 Meetings earn you points toward your recertification! 

It's much better than taking the exam again!!
You may now get your meeting & tour attendance records directly from this website by clicking here.

You may now submit your recertification electronically. 
Scan your application packet and eMail to me.  You can also fax the information, but eMail is preferred.

If you pay by check it must be mailed USPS, no need to spend big money on other couriers.
Please do not send documents requiring a signature.
Please do not send me originals or unrecoverable documents.

RE-CERTIFICATION: Vinson Dill (615) 516-3802
309 N. Walnut St.
Springfield, TN 37172


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