Date:  11/8/2018, 6:00 PM

Presenter:  Scott Guess

Topic: DOE Taguchi Method



Scott graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.



He has an ASQ certificate as a Certified Quality Engineer since 1993. 



He is a Senior ASQ member since 2004 and has been a member of ASQ since 1993.



He has over 28 years of experience in quality / manufacturing with a diverse background experiences that include carpet mfg. (Sears Carpet), aerospace aviation (F16, A12, F22), saline products (Optifree), sheet metal mfg. and industrial quarter turn valves.



Most of his experience outside sheet metal fabrication was geared to process improvements, SPC implementation, and using DOE to investigate and improve mfg. processes and product.



His experience in sheet metal mfg. was running the family business, which included adding customers such as Whirlpool and Carrier, using Lean Mfg techniques which helped stay in business when hard economic times hit and sales was reduced by 80%, the 10 years of service to Carrier delivering over 1200 part numbers had 100% on time and a PPM of 143, and help sold the family business such that his father could retire.


Currently employed at Flowserve Corporation in Cookeville TN as a Buyer Specialist, focusing on supplier quality.


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