Date:  9/13/2018, 6:00 PM

Presenter:  Jack Johnson

Topic: Data Analytics and BI

Jack Johnson and the team at AMEND have been helping mid-size businesses achieve double- and triple-digit growth for the past 15 years. They focus on developing the people, processes, and systems for organizations, and the "systems" have become more and more vital to every organization's growth as technology improves so rapidly. Jack and his team will explore the definitions of data analytics and business intelligence (BI), the impact they've had on Quality teams at various companies over the last few years, and also how YOUR Quality team could get started using BI immediately.



AMEND is known for taking mid-size businesses from good, to better, to unbeatable. They get their hands dirty and strap on their steel-toed boots to drive lasting change within organizations. Founded in 2005, their team has worked with nearly 200 companies ranging from a variety of industries, and is a leading driver of integrating data analytics with operations teams in Nashville, TN, Cincinnati, OH and across the country. 


Jack has been in the industry for seven years now and currently leads the Nashville practice.

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