Certification Exam Preparation classes

Certification Exam Preparation is different than Certification Development.   Certification Exam Preparation is a short-term session just prior to taking a certification exam to prepare the applicant for that examination.  Typically, certification prep classes use materials that are directly related to the Body of Knowledge for the upcoming examination and review questions that are usually covered on the test. 

Certification Exam Preparation is meant to finely hone a person's knowledge and skills for taking the exam.  Certification Exam Preparation takes place after a long-term development of knowledge and skills pertaining to a given certification type and BoK.

Middle TN CQE Exam Prep Class

ASQ Sponsored Certification Exam Prep Classes
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Columbia State Community College
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Middle Tennessee State University
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Motlow State Community College
Four training opportunities [ISO, SPC, Six Sigma]

Nashville State Community College
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Volunteer State Community College

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