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Welcome to the 2017 ASQ Section 1118 Board

ASQ Section 1118 would like to welcome new 2017 Board Member, Shirelle Humphrey to her position as Health Care Chair.  Thank you for stepping into the role this year!

Next Meeting Summary

We plan to continue to deliver interesting, informative, and useful topics as a service to our membership.  In order to do so, your suggestions for topics and/or speakers would be very helpful.  Please contact the Programs Chair at Programs@ASQ-MiddleTN.org with your valued input.  Keep in mind that your suggestions may not be able to be implemented until the following year since the plan for this year may be completed.

Membership Meetings &Tours 
Membership meetings and tours are regularly scheduled for the months of January through May - and - September through December of the following year.  The membership meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month except for May and December when we usually conduct tours of interesting businesses within the section. 

The LOCATION of Membership Meetings is at the Hermitage location of the Golden Corral Restaurant  at 315 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd., Hermitage TN, 37076.  For a map & directions to the Golden Corral Restaurant, click here.

The membership meetings are divided into two portions: the Clinic and the Main Presentation.  Dinner begins at 5:15 pm, the Clinic begins at 6:00 pm, dessert and coffee are at 6:45 pm and the Main presentation begins at 7:00 pm.  The cost of the dinner, paid at the door, at the Golden Corral is about $14 for each member with ASQ Section 1118 paying the gratuity.

New members to Section 1118, students, and professors are invited to attend their first meeting as a compliment of our section.  For a Complimentary ASQ Meeting gift certificate, click here.

Please contact our Reservations Chair (Tracy.RheaFox@MaplehurstBakeries.com) if you plan to attend this meeting.

Next Clinic

Date:  2/9/2017, 6:00 pm

Presenter:  Scott Guess

Topic:  Supplier Quality 

If I were a pirate I would be in supplier quality – SCAR!

In the 2-1/2 years that I have been with Flowserve, we have cut the reject rate relative to goods purchased by 35% (from 0.853% to 0.554% of purchased goods). The talk will cover where I started, where we are today and where I want to go in the future with the supplier quality program.


Scott graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.

He has an ASQ certificate as a Certified Quality Engineer since 1993. 

He is a Senior ASQ member since 2004 and has been a member of ASQ since 1993.

He has over 28 years of experience in quality / manufacturing with a diverse background experiences that include carpet mfg. (Sears Carpet), aerospace aviation (F16, A12, F22), saline products (Optifree), sheet metal mfg. and industrial quarter turn valves.


Most of his experience outside sheet metal fabrication was geared to process improvements, SPC implementation, and using DOE to investigate and improve mfg. processes and product.


His experience in sheet metal mfg. was running the family business, which included adding customers such as Whirlpool and Carrier, using Lean Mfg techniques which helped stay in business when hard economic times hit and sales was reduced by 80%, the 10 years of service to Carrier delivering over 1200 part numbers had 100% on time and a PPM of 143, and help sold the family business such that his father could retire.

Currently employed at Flowserve Corporation in Cookeville TN as a Buyer Specialist, focusing on supplier quality

Next Main Presentation

Date:  2/9/2017, 7:00 pm

Presenter:  Bob Thrash

Topic:  ?



Mr. Thrash received his BS in business from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama.  With over 35 years of experience in the food supply chain industries, he currently serves as an auditor, consultant and trainer with Process Management Consulting.  He owns the business.


Bob developed the initial supplier quality systems audit for KFC in the early 1990s based on ISO-9000.  He has been working with vendor quality auditing ever since, working from farm to processing through distribution to identify and help brands improve their systems. He continues to work with Yum! Brands (e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) in the development of their supply chain audit processes and tools.


Bob is a BRC (British Retail Consortium) Approved Training Provider and has worked with training major food companies including Wrigley’s, LSG Sky Chefs, Perdue, Caravan Ingredients, Pilgrim’s and Koch Foods to prepare for their Global Standard for Food Safety Certification. The BRC Global Food Safety Standard is the most recognized international standard benchmarked against GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) Guidelines.


He is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and ASQ Certified HACCP Auditor.  Bob provides training for the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor Exam and has an 80%+ pass rate using his unique tri-modal approach to preparing students for the exam. Delegates to his courses say he has an ability to break down the complex relationships between the quality tools and explain them in a way they can be applied. 


Bob continues to perform food safety and quality assurance audits for Yum! Brands as well as the FoodSafe Audit tools which were developed in-house and are accepted by companies such as Sysco and Costco.  Bob also conducts animal welfare audits for boilers and turkeys.

This Year's Meetings or Tours


2017 Meeting Dates and Topics – 2nd Thursday of the Month


Clinic Presentations

Main Presentations



ISO 9001:2015 (David Licon)

IATF 16949 (Rita Miller)



Supplier Quality (Scott Guess)

(Bob Thrash-rwthrash@bellsouth.net)



Problem Solving Techniques (Greg Farrar)

Problem Solving Workshop (Cheryl Waack)



Team Building (Ron Anderson)

(Suzan Phelps-sphelps@berettausa.com)



Tour – Nashville Airport Communications Center

When signing up for tour, also reserve dinner reservation with Reservations Chair (Tracy.RheaFox@MaplehurstBakeries.com)

(Lisa Lankford)































Tour – 

When signing up for tour, also reserve dinner reservation with Reservations Chair (Tracy.RheaFox@MaplehurstBakeries.com)












Tour – 

When signing up for tour, also reserve dinner reservation with Reservations Chair (Tracy.RheaFox@MaplehurstBakeries.com)



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