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Next Meeting Summary

We plan to continue to deliver interesting, informative, and useful topics as a service to our membership.  In order to do so, your suggestions for topics and/or speakers would be very helpful.  Please contact the Programs Chair at Programs@ASQ-MiddleTN.org with your valued input.  Keep in mind that your suggestions may not be able to be implemented until the following year since the plan for this year may be completed.

Membership Meetings &Tours 
Membership meetings and tours are regularly scheduled for the months of January through May - and - September through December of the following year.  The membership meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month except for May and December when we usually conduct tours of interesting businesses within the section. 

The LOCATION of Membership Meetings is at the Hermitage location of the Golden Corral Restaurant  at 315 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd., Hermitage TN, 37076.  For a map & directions to the Golden Corral Restaurant, click here.

The membership meetings are divided into two portions: the Clinic and the Main Presentation.  Dinner begins at 5:15 pm, the Clinic begins at 6:00 pm, dessert and coffee are at 6:45 pm and the Main presentation begins at 7:00 pm and lasts an hour.  The cost of the dinner, paid at the door, at the Golden Corral is about $15 for each member with ASQ Section 1118 paying the gratuity.

New members to Section 1118, students, and professors are invited to attend their first meeting as a compliment of our section.  For a Complimentary ASQ Meeting gift certificate, click here.

Please contact our Reservations Chair (TRhea-Fox@rich.com) if you plan to attend this meeting.

Next Clinic

Date:  4/9/2020, 6:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Presenter:  Cancelled - COVID-19


Next Main Presentation

Date:  5/14/2020, 7:00 PM

Presenter:  Tour Cancelled - COVID-19


See you on September 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM at the Golden Corral in Hermitage for the next ASQ Middle Tennesse Section 1118 Membership Meeting

Next Year and this Year's Meetings and Tours



2020 & 2019 Meeting Dates and Topics – 2nd Thursday of the Month


Clinic Presentations

Main Presentations



An Introduction to Comprehensive Quality Webcast (Dr. Jack B. ReVelle)

Elevating Quality with Risk Based Thinking Webcast (Robert Jasper & Phil Jamison)



Capability Metrics (David Licon - mdlicon@gmail.com) SPC (David Licon - mdlicon@gmail.com)



The Basics of Risk Management Webcast (Bill Scott & Mark Krempley) First Creativity then Innovation Webcast (Dr. Jack B. ReVelle)



Cancelled - COVID-19

Cancelled - COVID-19



Cancelled - COVID-19'

Cancelled - COVID-19






FDA Initiatives and Regulatory Trends Webcast (Larry Spears) Food Safety (Bob Thrash)


11/12/20 T



Tour:  Aegis Sciences Corp - 7:00-8:00 PM

Dinner:    6:00-6:45 PM

Pizza & Soft Drinks at Aegis - Section is 'Buying'

Aegis Sciences Corp., 501 Great Circle Rd., Nashville, TN 37228 (800) 533-7052

Required:  Safety glasses & closed-toes shoes






























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Reliability News

Welcome to the Middle Tennessee ASQ's "Reliability News" for Section 1118.  We will post links, news, and other reliability resources available for the members.